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Drifting to China

As a person who was born in Hong Kong back in the 80s, studied and lived in the UK for almost 30 years. China is always the place which makes me love and hate.

China, a country which is in the center of a whirlpool right now.

Not going to go into politics and human rights stuff, but in the year 2020, we were hit by the most devastated pandemic of our life time (Except if you are really old and you were in the Spanish Flu pandemic back in 1918). We were told how the Chinese Government withheld information about the pandemic for months before announcing it to the world in early 2020. we were told that they withheld infected numbers. We were told how they lock down cities.

In this era of technology, all our information are now feed to us via the internet. You see a couple of post on the internet, it automatic choose the post which it "thinks" you want to see, and skip all the rest of the information from the different prospective, creating a one-sided discussion.

As a documentary styled photographer, I believed there is always more than one side to a story, so I do not want people to tell me what I see and what I believe, I want to do that with my own eyes (And camera).

Therefore, in 2021, a year after CoVid-19 locked down most of the world, I have decided to travel to China, discover and documenting how the people there are actually coping with the new norm of Post CoVid-19 life.

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